Reducing Stress for the Business Traveler

Those who travel from time to time for business may find it an exciting adventure, a temporary break from the routine and even a much-needed change of scenery.  But for those who travel often, for example more than two-three times per month or for long periods of time per trip, then the fun and excitement of being away from home can easily run its course.  Business Travel makes up a large portion of the travel industry, at 28.4% of the revenue and around 459.8 million business trips per year in just the domestic United States alone.

So what are some ways you can reduce stress if you travel often or are required to be away for weeks or possibly months at a time? Read more

Getting your Family Acclimated to a Temporary Move

There are various reasons that you may need to move your partner and family on a short or long-term basis, including military service families, moving for work on a temporary basis, relocating to a new location but not yet ready to buy a home, or if your family may be displaced due to fire or water damage to your home. How to prepare your family for such a move, especially when it’s only temporary and what type of housing will be most comfortable for you and your family during this transition? Read more

Need Corporate Housing In Knoxville TN? Look No Further!

Traveling For Work?  Need Corporate Housing In Knoxville, TN?  Look No Further!

With over 20 years of experience in the corporate housing industry, Ideal Corporate Housing is Knoxville’s BEST local corporate housing provider.  Why stay in a hotel?  With our fully furnished executive suites across Knoxville, Oak Ridge, Maryville, Alcoa, and even more cities we can certainly accommodate your stay.  Whether you are needing a 30-day stay or a 1-year stay we can accommodate your specific needs and ensure that your stay in our short term fully furnished apartments is stress-free and pleasant. Read more

What to do if your Home is Damaged by Fire

Last month devastating fires, scorched over 17,000 acres in the Gatlinburg area of Tennessee. The fire killed 14 people and destroyed 2,013 homes and 53 commercial structures. An additional 244 homes were damaged. Ideal Corporate Housing, headquartered in Knoxville TN, was less than an hour from the fires but felt motivated to pitch in and help their neighbors. So along with our thoughts and prayers for the residents of the area, we donated funds to the American Red Cross, as well as local charities. Read more

Celebrating the Holidays in Knoxville TN

Surviving Homesickness During the Holidays

Each year, 12% of American make considerable moves for work, school or family reasons, not including those who move on a temporary basis for corporate travel, military, or school.  Although this is the most wonderful time of the year, those who have recently moved may be feelings especially homesick and blue during the holiday season. Some will travel back to their hometown during the holidays but many cannot afford the money or time away from their work projects, especially if the move is temporary in nature.  What should you do to encourage the holiday spirit for you and your family during Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years Eve? Read more

How to Downsize into Smaller Space

Typically in any given year, 14.19% of Americans move to a new city, state and country each year.   Whether you are relocating long or short term for work, for school or for military duty, you and your family will have to make many adjustments during the transition from your home to your rental.  One of the biggest adjustments is adjusting to your new smaller living space, oftentimes that being a rental or temporary furnished housing.  So how do you adjust to your new ‘home away from home’? Read more

Preparing for your Long-Term Business Trip

If you’ve decided or have been informed that you’ll be traveling for business or school for more than a few nights but several weeks or months, you may be a bit perplexed as to where to start. How do you prepare for being away from home for a long business trip? And how can you plan ahead so that your focus in on your business goals for the trip, rather than feeling disorganized or disoriented in your temporary location? Read more

How to make your Temporary Housing feel like Home

It’s only natural to feel homesick and somewhat disoriented when you’re traveling for an extended stay away from home, whether for business, training or education, military leave, if your in-between homes or if you’re home has been damaged by fire or flood.  Although corporate temporary housing in furnished apartments and townhomes (provided by Ideal Corporate Housing) are a much better alternative than a hotel room, it still isn’t your permanent home. So how can you personalize and feel more relaxed in your corporate housing?

Here are some tips to own your own identity and flair to your temporary living space: Read more