Simplify Your Move With a Short Term Stay

living_room_1Moving into a new home is exciting, but the memorable experience is often overshadowed by the stress and hassle that come with the details and logistics of relocation. You may find yourself without a place to stay for an indeterminate period. Instead of spending your short term stay in a cramped hotel room, consider taking advantage of the furnished apartments offered by Ideal Corporate Housing.

Their apartments are perfect to rent for short term stays, and their relocation experts will take the stress and hassle out of your move. Read more

Say Goodbye to Hotels! Comfortable Corporate Housing

For nearly 20 years, Ideal Corporate Housing has been the leading provider of short term and extended stay lodging in the Kentucky, Tennessee and area. From executive housing and in-between homes to corporate apartments and government travel options, this high quality lodging provider guarantees to deliver comfortable and affordable housing options that will make you feel right at home. Read more

3 Ways Ideal Corporate Housing Works with Your HR Department

You’ve finally found the perfect candidate to fill a vacancy at your company, and now it’s time to make him or her feel right at home. When it’s time to find temporary housing for your new recruit, look no further than the pros at Ideal Corporate Housing. They’ll work directly with your company’s Human Resources department to ease the transition for employer and employee alike. Read more

​The Top Advantages of Corporate Housing vs. Renting Directly From Apartment Communities

When business or work calls for a cross-country move to Kentucky or Tennessee or surrounding areas, turn to Ideal Corporate Housing instead of a real estate agency or an independent apartment community. With over a decade in the industry, the company will set you up with high-quality executive housing to make you feel right at home. Read more

2 Reasons Digital Nomads Should Choose Furnished Apartments

lexington-relocation-services_1Just a few years ago, the “digital nomad” concept was totally unknown. But now, in a world where cutting-edge technology is advancing and evolving the way people work every day, it is a very real thing. Ideal Corporate Housing provides corporate temporary housing in Kentucky and Tennessee and prides itself on being of service to digital nomads in need of housing. Read more

4 Reasons To Rent Corporate Apartments Instead of Hotels

Furnished corporate apartments are one of the best-kept secrets of travel agents, project coordinators, and corporate travel professionals, potentially saving your company significant travel expenses and decreasing the stress associated with business trips. Compared to the common shortcomings of hotel living, the corporate apartments supplied by companies like Ideal Corporate Housing in Tennessee and Kentucky bring a wealth of benefits, including: Read more

Are you Between Homes? Call Ideal Corporate Housing Instead of a Hotel!

Things don’t always work out according to plan, and sometimes you find yourself unexpectedly between homes. For example, you may have sold your home before your new residence is ready, or perhaps you’ve just arrived in town and want to take your time looking for a house. You could stay in a hotel, but finding long-term accommodations for the family and all your belongings can be extremely difficult and expensive, especially if you have pets. Luckily, Ideal Corporate Housing maintains an incredible selection of furnished in-between homes and will be sure to have exactly what you need. Read more

Why Large Corporations Prefer Corporate Apartments

The larger your company is, the more your employees have to travel to coordinate operations, attend vital meetings, or relocate to different locations. While many corporations elect to pay for hotels when their executives and employees travel on business, many businesses find corporate apartments to be both more affordable and more comfortable than typical accommodations. Ideal Corporate Housing specialists in short-term and executive housing, lists the many advantages of corporate apartments over hotels. Read more

5 Advantages of Corporate Housing Over Hotels

If your company regularly sends employees to another city for training, seminars, or as part of your normal operations, hotel bills are likely a significant portion of your budget. Luxury hotels for senior executives are an even greater expense, which is why Ideal Corporate Housing recommends considering renting corporate housing for your business needs. Dedicated corporate housing offers a variety of advantages over a hotel, including: Read more